A Few Words of Introduction

Marie Nicholson   I want this blog to be mostly about my travelling life but occasionally I shall invite someone else along to share the site and offer an alternative vision of the world out there.   Mainly however, the posts will be on destinations I’ve  enjoyed recently and on some places that I hope to visit in the near future.  I love travelling and I can be persuaded to drop everything and just take off when the opportunity arises.

I’ll try not to be too “Pliny the elder” by giving dates and figures and if I do go overboard sometimes on the historical data, no doubt someone will pull me up for it. As a historian, the history side of things does have a way of taking over travel anecdotes I find.

Anyway, have a look at About Me if you want to find out more about what I like, where I live and what’s to come. And I’d be grateful for any feedback from readers, otherwise how will I know how I’m doing.


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13 thoughts on “A Few Words of Introduction

    1. Yep, on the right-hand side here, near the top of the page, you’ll find archives and if you click on each month you’ll see what I’ve written.

      Thanks for trying to read these, obviously my site isn’t user-happy so I shall have to look into that. Good job to brought this to my attention.

  1. Thanks a lot for your feedback and I’m glad you told me about this. I’ve put another piece up tonight and meant to explore my Theme but didn’t get time. Correction, I had enough (terrible weather, rain lashing down, wind howling) so felt in need of a soothing drink and something mind numbing on television!

  2. Have just read some of your post’s and look forward to reading more exciting and exilerating reads from you……………

    1. Not sure if you replied to the Musical Theatre blog or the Travel blog, as I seem to have messed up the musical blog somewhat. Am trying to fix it now but it’s not that easy. Thanks for comments, anyway.

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